Troups Supported By Eighth Aerial Port Squadron
USAF in Vietnam

George Hart's Song Be Story

Bravo Battery, 6th Battalion, 27th Field Artillery, II Field Forces
1968 - 1970


...memory has fuzzed alot since back then, I do remember the pre-Christmas attack on LZ Buttons as I was there and we were in a cease fire. What a joke. Someplace I have an audio tape of that attack. It was not a nice night. I was a red hat at Buttons and you may well remember us as we were located just between the air strip across the road from the main LZ. We were right next to the 175mm battery known as FSB Mike I believe. Several times I worked the strip, but more often than not was on the chopper pad. It seems I remember someone running off with a pallet or two of beer. CID never found out who. Hmmm!

Went to Nam while the Cav was still up north where I spent time at An Khe, Camp Evans, Phu Bai, Phu Loi before heading south. Then spent time at Bien Hoa, Phouc Vinh, LZ Jake, Quan Loi or LZ Andy, LZ Joe, LZ Ellen, LZ Buttons plus to many others to remember.
I was at Buttons for six months, arriving during the monsoons and spent the first week or so sleeping in a bunker that was knee deep in mud and water with rats crawling all over you at night. I remember in those days that many troopers were bitten by rats and had to have the series of 14 shots in the gut for prevention of rabies. The place was also swarming with bees to the point where the Stars and Stripes even had an article on the bee swarms at LZ Buttons.
Buttons grew very rapidly and was soon upgraded to a Fire Support Base. Every night just like clockwork we got incoming at 7:00 P.M. If it didn't happen meant that we were about to get hit by something bigger.

I've added a couple of attachments that you might be interested in. Ty Dodge and I have been in contact with each other in the past. I've sent him some photos of the aftermath for the Battle of LZ Buttons along with a story that I had written on the incident.

This is yours truly at LZ Jake in early 1969.

An incident that took place December 23-25, 1969
I think it was either the 23rd or 24th if memory serves me correctly
This is the Same attack documented on Christopher Hartley's Pages

Nui Ba Ra

Where we lived. Control Tower in background.

Downed Cobra at FSB Buttons, again control tower in the background.

The aftermath of our November 4, 1969 Battle for Buttons.

Photo of the aftermath of same battle. Photos 4 & 5 taken from the chopper pad.