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USAF in Vietnam

Brent Hodges's Song Be Story

July 1969 - April 1970


I was at Song Be from July 1969 to April 1970. I worked the night shift with another soldier in the ARVN TOC. At first it we were located  in an ARVN compound which was located about 500 meters (est) we were the only American soldiers there at night. During the day we were in the main compound. I don't remember when we moved to the new compound and when we did  there were four or five Americans there at night. After the attack that  destroyed the old compound all the Americans moved to the new compound. While I was there an Army Cpt and a civilian were killed in an ambush and two Army Engineers who were building the new  compound got in an argument and one soldier shot and killed the other.

My first tour was in 1966 with the 5th Bn 7th Cav. First  Cav. Div. While living conditions were better with MACV I never felt secure and did not trust the ARVN  soldiers.