Eighth Aerial Port Squadron, USAF in Vietnam

Mel Stanley's Song Be Story

8th APS Mobility
1971 - 1972

I know for sure I made it to SongBe a couple of times but for the life of me I can't remember much about it, that seems to be my bigest problem I know for sure that I was at diferent places over there but the rest of the stuff just seems to run together and I have trouble getting the info untangled.

I made it there a few times in the late 71/72 time frame and like most of the places I went there was not much of anything to suggest that there was once human activity thriving in the area. anything that once was, was no recycled to make a hootch for some family away from the there. I know you remember seeing the papasans walking their honda 50s which were stacked to an unbeleivable hight with all sorts of things to not know how everything just seemed to disapear the moment it looked like you wern't comimng back.