Fourteenth Aerial Port Squadron, USAF in Vietnam

Ron Stanford's OLAD (Dalat) Story

14th Aerial Port Squadron
1967 - 1968

from the Mobility Veteran's Forum:

2006-09-13 19:37: I was in the 14 APS, asigned to CRB Nov. 67. Then to OLAD (Dalat) dec 67 thru nov 68. I have some pictures that I can post. I am glad to see this site. I did not know we were called a "mob team" or I just forgot. Several members of the OLAD team were awarded Bronze Stars, Commendation Medals and Purple Hearts. Lew Brabram (CCT) was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and a few other medals.

2006-09-13 19:56: I found one of my list of names. If you are interested in contacting any of the let me know and I will pass on the information to them.

Abell, Edward
Anders, Randall
Anderson, Michael
Baker, James
Benapfl, Michael A.
Brewster, Harold
Burr, Bill  (Cct),
Camarata, Robert
Czapp, Thomas
Dailey, John C.
Ekdahl, Dennis
Elias, David
Enslow, Randy
Funke, Charlie
Gentle, Ronald
Goolsby, George  (Died 4 Yrs Ago),
Graber, Phillip
Henry, Benjamin
Holden, John
Hooper, Allen (Cct)
Lewey, Charles
Lewis, John, Cpt
Martin, Billy
Mcfarr, Tony  (Pj)
Means, Blaine
Merritt, Jim
Ogden, Terry
Orr, Larry
Peckenschneider, James
Rapp,  George C.
Remus, James
Rohloff, Richard
Sanders, Robert
Schoen, Donald
Steck, Michael
Vandenberg, Donald
Weissel, Fred C.
Zotto, Charles

View Sgt Brabham's Pitsenbarger Heroism Award in a seperate MS Word document. (Requires MS Word or Word Document viewer.)

MSgt. Lewis O. Brabham, Jr., who almost single-handedly directed air operations from the ground at Saigon's airport on the final day of conflict, was  presented the William H. Pitsenbarger Heroism Award at the annual AFSA Awards Banquet.

This 10K AT took a bullet hole in the air cleaner. If it had hit about 4 feet to the front, it would have gone through the driver's left shoulder...Sgt. Norris Satterly was driving when this happened.

Sgt Ron Stanford OLAD Vietnam 1967-1968

Sgt Ron Stanford OLAD Vietnam 1967-1968

USAF Class at US Army Parachute Riggers School
Fort Lee, Virgina May, 1967