8th MOB Patch and Shirts

To the left is a photo taken by Cary Louderbeck's daugher of his original 8th MOB patch circa 1971.

Below is a sample of the patch that Jim Wade has arranged to have reproduced for us to wear on our hats, shirts or jackets.
Below that is the "Artwork for Approval"...

                                                                                                                                                                       Courtesy of Lester James
Note: If anyone laughs and says "what's that?" Tell them it's a flying forklift before you kick their ass...

Here's the live photo we promised.  It can be heat-mounted on the item of your choice. A hot iron might be all you need to affix this to your hat or jacket...  
Sample of Sewn Patch
Jim has approved the design
and has ordered the

Click the image to see larger image
Click on Cary's above, to see the original up close.

(Mama-San's version from Vietnam)
Reproduction of 8th APS MOB Patch

8th Aerial Port Mobility Operations patch design

Inquire of Jimmy Wade for Patches a limited number are available at $3.00 each

I have looked at an additional shirt order and here is what we can do.

These prices are extremely quantity sensitive.  If only 6 are ordered the price each is $26.00 at a dozen it is $18.00, but by ordering 24 as I did the first order the price drops to $13.00 each.  Add $2 for XX and $3 for XXX.  So if we can get an order of 24 put together the cost would be around $17.00 each including me getting them sent here and paying about $3.50 for postage and envelopes.  Shipping will be less if you order multiple shirts. If we can contact everyone and see if they want additional shirts, or ask those who did not get one (only Branson folks and

They do not have the capability of ordering individually on line as they batch print only specific quantities to keep their cost down.