Eighth Aerial Port Squadron, USAF
in Vietnam

James Lavender's Tay Ninh Page

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Below are some pictures is of my Headquarters of the 8th A.P.S./Tactical Operations (OLAH) at Tay Ninh which is in the "Fish Hook" area near the Cambodian border and in the heart of Viet Cong territory. There were 2 bases in Tay Ninh, Green Brets were at one and the 25th Infantry was at the other base where I was at. We were attack many of nights by the Viet Congs as they try to overrun our base. In between the 2 bases there is a Cao Dai Buddist Temple (middle picture) sitting in the middle of the nowhere and it was very beautiful site to see in the middle of a battle field.


the dog that was looking food all the time.  I think his name was “Peanut” if my memory was correct 

the mountain in the background of the Mars station 

Cobra on the pad next where we sleep

C7 on the ramp