Eighth Aerial Port Squadron, USAF
in Vietnam

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This is what I can remember of when I got into the country.

I arrived at the TSN airbase around 6:00 AM first week of May 1970. I was then taken over to the orderly room for processing in on the base and meet with Col Lisec. After I completed the processing they assigned me to the in-country terminal and what barracks I was to go to and get some rest before reporting to the in-country terminal the next day. A few hours I started my shift at the terminal the NCOIC came out and ask if anyone would be interested going to Tay Ninh. I told him that I would be interested in the assignment and the other guys around me said that I was crazy because Tay Ninh was full of VC’s in that area and they would not go themselves.

I then went to the orderly room and told them what I was there for and told me to go around the back of the orderly room and enter the back there. I found out it was the Det/OL/MOB operation room. I meet with the NCOIC and the OIC. The told me to go back to the barracks and get my gear and report to the Mobility Barracks and wait to be flown out. When I got to the MOB barracks the first person that I met with was Jerry “Bick” Bickford. He made me feel welcome and when the other guys came in he made a point to introduced them to me. I was there for about 2 days before a truck came and pick me up and take me to the MOB operations with my gear and get ready to fly out to Tay Ninh