Eighth Aerial Port Squadron, USAF
in Vietnam

Jerry Brown's Vietnam Story
1966 - 1967 - 1968

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8th Aerial Port Squadron (MOB)

A2c/Sgt Jerry L. Brown USAF (1966-67-68 RVN)
Now Jerry L. Brown BMC, US Coast Guard Ret. (1974-1988 RET)

I guess it's time I devoted some time to penning my story about the two tours I spent in RVN country in 1966-67-68.

I was assigned to the 8th Aerial Port Squadron after having volunteered from my flying squadron at 62 MAW at McChord AFB, flying as an in training Loadmaster in C-124's.

I recall having been at McChord AFB for a few months right after Loadmaster school, and overheard one of the sergeant's saying he was looking for a volunteer to take an overseas assignment to Vietnam taking the place of an airman who had gone AWOL.

I considered it, then accepted the slot, went home on leave then flew to RVN !

I've never even talked much about my Vietnam experience except in sound bites, and a few experiences to those who I met that had been there who I thought might understand what it meant, and had some perspective about the place, culture and peoples.

Tan Son Nhut

Bien Hoa

Song Be



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