Eighth Aerial Port Squadron, USAF
in Vietnam


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     After becoming acclimatized and gaining some experience in the job at hand I was offered a slot on a deployable team (8th Aerial Port Combat Mobility Team) to fly in country to various hot spots to provide fast off loads to various fighting units at remote airstrips usually next to Special Forces camps to provide for the movement of supplies.

At Song Be we slept in makeshift houches outside the wire at first until after our first major attack, and decided to build our bunkered houches out of 463L aircraft cargo pallets and empty 105 Howitzer boxes filled with sand for walls; the aluminum pallets were placed above and below the walls of boxes, and chained together with aircraft tie down devices to bind them tightly together. We left openings in the boxes to use as gun port for our M-16’s and placed our cots inside! Home sweet home!!!! I’ve enclosed some Mobility Team Pics of Cau Song Be.

More shellings and assaults eventually drove us into the sheltered compounds of the Green Beret camps, were we bunked in with the Army gang in their underground lair of cots in holes and stashes of mortar rounds. AT night we would sit around talking with them and watching the perimeter wire surrounding the camps for signs of infiltration. I was never trained for this aspect of living, or the unconventional style of war we were a part of !!!

At Song Be, Infiltrators would occasionally test the perimeter wire setting off claymore mines, or causing noise cans to jingle, and we would send short fired mortar rounds and parachute flares out to light the area and watch the Cong scurry away !! That was kinda cool , because we would then follow up the illumination rounds with HE (High Explosive rounds) and white phosperous (WP) and blow everything in sight up until they told us to stop!!!LOL!!

We would stay deployed for a week sometimes two or longer. We took rain showers as the rains permitted, no one was bashful there……..we drank water from the water buffalo’s provided (Water Trailers), and washed uniforms in the rain and hung them to dry at the end of our bunks.

I am slowly recalling and coming across photos of our exploits and some our gear in the early days of the 8th Aerial Port Combat Mobility Team. It’s difficult to remember names of some of the places we went, and often times we were never told.

Some of our members were;

A2c Jerry McGuire from Arizona
A2c Barry Neveseta from California
Ssgt Selmes
A2c Wayne Baumgartner
Ssgt Bill Kennedy
A2c Jerry Green from Portland Oregon
A2c Jerry Brown (Me) Portland Oregon
Ssgt Marty Martinez
Sgt John Watson

I recall we had one tracked loader and a couple of 15 K forklifts, none were all terrain, until near the time I left the country !!!!! And a flight line tug or two we just drug stuff off planes with at times !!!!:)

Lots of approaches......may have been Song Be.....anybodies guess 
John Watson and Paul ? 
 Jerry Greene
My Gang ! weren't "C's" Great !!!!! Especially the smokes !!!! found some from 1939 
Song Be Landing
Flack vest and helmet
Marty Martinez our deployment Sgt
My first Hooch at Cau Song Be 1966......
Me and my Hootch
John Watson...cannot recall the others names right now
Aah, my bed