Fourteenth Aerial Port Squadron, USAF
in Vietnam

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After the Vietnam tour 2 I reupped and retrained into Aviation Physiology at Brooks AFB as a Altitude Chamber tech and got assigned to Albrook AFB in the Panama Canal Zone until I EOS'd in 72.....did a stint with the Oregon air Guard at Portland Oregon 142nd FIS then got out. In 1974 I joined the US Coast Guard and became a Search and Rescue/Law enforcement type and spent 16 years until retirement as a Chief Boatswain on 9 different units on both Coasts and the Gulf Coast.......retired in 1988 and spent 10 years as a deputy Sheriff in Southern Oregon, then 15 years as a private investigator until this summer....finally called it quits........working part time now for a property managment company inspecting vacation homes in the Bend Oregon area.
Thats my story and I'm stinkin to it !!