Eighth Aerial Port Squadron, USAF in Vietnam

Eddie Mitchell's Bin Thuy Story

8th APS Mobility
February 1971 - October 1971

Prior to this time all the men assigned to BINH THUY had lived off base. this had been a pretty busy place. when i got there we lived on base. only 1 man on nights (as best i remember). we had mainly C-123s, some C7s (AUSSIE & USAF), C-130s, a C-124 to work. we had a C-47 (puff the magic dragon) GUN SHIP that would come in playing music. we had a couple of bird dogs and some OV-10s there. we stayed open until AUG. most of the guys were reassigned to other places in country but me & 3 others got the privilege of staying for transition over to the VIETNAMESE. that was a real KODAC MOMENT @ times. i remember a C-130 come in 1 time @ night & the VIETNAMESE guard on duty went to sleep. 1 of the crew members from the "HERKY" saw him, snuck up on him & took his gun. they wrestled around there for a while before he gave it back. it sure made for interesting night. the rest of us finally left in OCT.

This is the patch that was made by one of the guys. It's "SNOOPY" driving an A/T LIFT
(mine was never this clean)
This is a cup made from a 105 shell.  You got 1 when you left but i got mine because i was staying.  They wanted to make sure i got one.  If you notice dates 71-72 they figured i'd be here till discharge.