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Mobility Operations

Song Be:

I'd heard from others that there used to be a lot of activity at Song Be but by the time I got there (I think late May of '72), like most every other place, it was pretty well abandoned and stripped by the gooks. I don't recall even a single structure, much less anything useful or helpful to us. When I was there one morning with Bob White, we took a bunch of mortars, near the end of the strip. There was nothing for protection and we crowded around the AT...not knowing just where to hide or take cover while Charlie was walking in the mortars. A guy named Georges took shrapnel square in his ass. I don't remember any other WIA that day. That's the day Bob sent everyone out, on a Huey as I recall, except me and him. We stayed, waiting on a C130 to pickup our AT. After awhile, Bob was able to get radio contact with HILDA, only to learn there was no C130 coming anytime soon. A Medevac chopper in the area hauled me and Bob back to TSN by about noon. No more than an hour later, we were on a C130 headed back to Song Be, where we recovered our AT and hauled ass....in a heartbeat. Our original mission, whatever it was we were supposed to do, never materialized. The mortars had begun within a few minutes of our arrival and not a single plane came in. No one else was around either. Don't recall what our mission was to be. That's why we were so damn surprised by the mortars! Had to be "local" VC firing on us....there was no reason for any sizeable VC or NVA forces to be close by.

(Feb 20, 2013)

The guy that got WIA at Song Be with me on Bob White's team was named Anthony C. "Tony" Georges. His DEROS was 3 Apr 72, so we musta been there earlier than I thought and wrote. Maybe it was March of '72 ?
My memory is not good- I got Tony's name from a set of blanket orders...