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Alan wrote:  Say - if you were at Song Be until April of '70 - where you there when the MACV compound - and the det's hootch was hit - when Ed Deleon spent the night firing an M-60 until he warped the barrel?
Alan:  I saw that on the website and have been thinking.  I have to go back and check my stuff (letters) as to when I got to Song Be.  I went there before the big attack, and right after it, taking some pictures of the rubble.  But I had not yet been stationed there...so the date I saw of January 1970 threw me, since I was there then, but not during the attack...
(ref Song Be attack of Jan 1970)

I came later, and we stayed at a fairly new MACV compound down the road from the airfield, near the ARVN regional headquarters...we took some rounds from time to time (some on my very last day there) but that big attack was before I got there. 

The closest “incoming” to my underground hootch was when a stoned out Army guard on the perimeter fired his M-60 grenade launcher into our compound at the beer hootch, which exploded about ten feet from my rack, fortunately, at ground level so over my head. 

I was in charge of the Det. there, and some of the guys had been there for the big attack that wiped out the compound...names I am terrible with...but I saw that one photo and those two guys lounging in our flight line shack I know but cannot name...very familiar looking.  A couple of my guys stayed at the airfield in a bunker, the rest of us stayed at the MACV compound.  (Robbie Robinson's photos of Song Be)

I think I got there around the end of 69, cause when I got back from R&R to Australia in late October 69, Ray Rubel approached me about going to Song Be.

8th APS Lt. James Knight in jeep with 1st Cav Sgt Song Be, 1970

Me and some 1st Cav dude at Song Be.  You can see the infamous red dust smeared on my face.

James Knight at Song Be, 1970

Lt. Knight at Song Be receiving a plaque from an unknown general, of a chrome-plated 122mm rocket that hit the base.
USAF & USA officers at Song Be in 1970 8th APS Commander Col. Victor Lisec on left, 8th APS Det Commander of Song Be, Lt. Knight on right.
USAF & USA officers at Song Be. Col. Lisec, Lt. Knight