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Re: Pet Peeve

Postby sgt ron » Thu May 24, 2018 1:41 pm

There was this Army COL that taught at the Military school at Dalat.
He was a real ass hole. Gave us hell with his special demands.
Any way the day came for him to leave Vietnam. Most of us shipped our stuff out, but he had all his stuff loaded on a 463l pallet and carefully tied down.
The Col of the C-130 was also a Col. and a good friend of ours. One of the guys made a comment about happy to see him go. The Col asked why and he got an ear full.
They loaded his pallet on the ramp and got ready to leave. He told our Combat Controller to listen in on the radio. So about 30 min. later we hear the pilot on the radio talking about having some troubles and needed to shut down an engine. They were also going to have to lighten the load. They opened the ramp and air dropped his pallet in the South China Sea.
The Col. was NOT a happy camper.

SGT Phil White did all the load planning and manifest. If you wanted to go out of Dalat by air you didn't mess with Phil. ( the other way out from Dalat was convey and the almost always were ambushed.) We had several Officers and SR NCO's that thought they were special and would want to bump out others in line to leave. They would make demands or threats, never worked on Phil............
One day we had a couple Army guys that needed to get to CRB to go home. They got there very early and sat out front all day Nothing was going to CRB. When the Air Craft parked most of the officers would sit in Phil's office and wait for the A/C to be off loaded or loaded.. Phil was talking to the Pilots of a C123 and he told them about the 2 guys sitting out front. At the very end of the day Our CCT got a radio call asking about the 2 guys. He told them they were still waiting. It was getting late and we didn't have light on the runway. They told the CCT to have them ready next to the run way and they would land and get them and fly them to CRB. We grabbed them and all there gear and waited next to the runway. They landed we threw there gears on the ramp and they were gone. This A/C was out of Phan Rang so it was out of there way to do this. So sometimes good things happen. Here is a picture of the 2 guys.

I know OLD MAN remembering the old days again............ RON
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Re: Pet Peeve

Postby Chuck » Fri May 25, 2018 3:41 am

In 1970 the vice commander of the 14th Aerial Port 9CRB) was 'short' and had all his household goods boxes on 3-463L pallets. Talking about assholes!! This is the guy that told me to cut a strap on the first C5a that landed in Vietnam. (The nose strut had squatted but not the main struts so the pallets shifted downhill. This Lt. Colonel said he'd take the responsibility and told me to cut the strap holding the port side 17 pallets in a jam against the outside rails. Then he tried to shift the blame after the 'stick' exited the plane in a big hurry, tearing up the inside locks but the A/C and crew chief said otherwise.) Anyway, he knew people were out for revenge so he stayed with his three pallets. Finally two 'T' tails landed on Rebel Row. One for Travis (SUU) and one going to Saudi or some place. We uploaded the three pallets of household goods on the eastbound 141 with placards on all three that stated their destination was 'BFE'. We went back to the line shack and wondered what airport 'BFE' was. Turns out it stood for 'Bum Fuck Egypt' and meant 'frustrate this cargo'. They did and an inquiry came through a couple of weeks after the Colonel DEROS'd. Don't know if he ever got his shit.
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