Eighth Aerial Port Squadron, USAF in Vietnam

Ed De Leon's M-60 Story

8th APS Song Be
1969 - 1970

M-60 Ed

Ed Deleon

The guy in the foxhole with the M60 was a fellow named "Ed" who was quiet to begin with, but became even more quiet after his evac to Saigon. After his night outside the perimeter manning the '60, and the virtual elimination of the Song Be detachment's quarters (and all of his own personal belongings with it) during the rocket attack, he welcomed alternative duty as our truck driver in Saigon....

"J.W." was a short-timer joker on my team who thought it was funny to whistle and make a sound like an incoming rocket as Ed was driving us to the aircraft in preparation for another mission to some obscure jungle location. The first time he did it, Ed swerved into an aircraft bunker, locked up the parking break, slid to a stop and dove out of the truck while it was still sliding... We all ended up ass over teakettle and gave "J.W." hell for messing up our ride. Ed quite seriously threatened to kill him if he did it again.

"J.W." did continue to play his trick when he felt like it. He still thought it was funny, even if we didn't. But Ed didn't kill him - and didn't lock up the brakes or dive out of the truck anymore. But we were actually a bit annoyed at "J.W.", 'cuz Ed's reaction woulda saved us if it had been real incoming rather then just "J.W." crying wolf.....

But, it did break the pre-mission tension and overcome the ever-present boredom.....