Eighth Aerial Port Squadron, USAF in Vietnam

Neil Brown's Song Be Story

8th APS Mobility

Adding to the Song Be stories, we went there in late 67. There were about 15 of us. We stayed in a tent just off the ramp. LZ Buttons was not there yet. We had a small bunker and a 6' by 8' shack we called it our pax terminal. We were moving the Big Red One and the 101st out of the area. A few months later we did the opposite. In late 67 an early 68 we would re-supply them regularly. There was still no camp there so we would drive about 7 miles to the Phouc Long MACV compound. The VC owned most of Nui Bara and they reminded us almost daily.

I was also was at Song Be when they landed a C-124. Another time the army lined the strip with 55 gallon drums cut in half , put diesel fuel In them and lit them. We had a couple C-130's come in late at night. One time when we were there we stayed the night at Phouc Long MACV compound. There was a ground attack that night so we spent most of night out on the line. That morning we left for the field, as we approuched the Montagnard village we saw two vc hanging from a tree limb over the road. Not a good idea to mess with the Montagnard.